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Skin Care for your Skin Type

There are a few different skin types and finding the right skincare can be tricky. Here are my favourite skin care products for your skin type. First off for everyone! hydration and keeping our body hydrated is key! We are made up of 70% water and the skin being our largest organ benefits greatly from detoxing when we drink water. Leaving it more radiant and healthy. When our skin is happy and hydrated our skin care actually works more efficiently for us. FLOW WATER IS IDEAL TO  ...

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Mommy Moments

My goals for 2018

To me, a new year symbolises starting fresh and beginning a new chapter in your life. That being said, you should know that I am also not one to set resolutions for myself that put more pressure on myself to exercise, eat healthy, do less here, do more there and blah blah blah. Just the thought of setting restrictions for myself makes me very uneasy and it often makes me want to do more of the behaviour I am trying to quit. Generally, I live life in moderation. I like to eat healthy food  ...

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