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Diaper Bag Beauty Essentials

Being a mom is a selfless job and mamas often times put the needs of their babies and families before theirs. This can lead to the baby blues aka post partum depression. Combine no time for selfcare with raging hormones and it can lead to a less than happy mama. Including a few feel good beauty essentials in your diaper bag can help lift your mood and make you feel like you’re taking care of you. Sometimes the smallest things can make the biggest impact and can help a busy mom feel  ...

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Mommy Moments

My Ectopic Pregnancy Story

Paul and I decided we wanted to start trying for another baby in February I was very on the fence about a second as Eve was such a challenging baby in terms of sleeping but of course now that she’s older and things have become so much easier I have started to crave another baby like nothing else.

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