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Teacher’s Gift Ideas

Teachers gifts !  It’s the end of the school year and you are probably wondering what to buy as a meaningful gift for your child’s teacher. If you already have this covered then I applaud you on being way ahead of the game. Buying gifts for teachers is a tough one because in my opinion they are superheros and I personally have a hard time picking out gifts for the people who do so much for our littles. This year I decided to think of the gift buying process in terms of what would  ...

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Makeup & Skincare

Time Saving Beauty Products

With daily demands kids, work and commuting quick and easy beauty routines are the name of the game. We all want to look good and shaving off a few minutes of primping in the morning means we might just get to drink our coffee while it’s still hot. 1 – Try a dual cleanser First off we can save time in the shower by cleansing your face and body with the same soap. The SIBU Sea Berry Cleansing Soap Bar is a complete game changer.  Wash away toxins & pollutants with  ...

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