Me, and my daughter smiling.

Me and my girl ❤

My name is Shira I am a mom, business owner and makeup artist all wrapped up into a neat 5″2 package. I have lived on 4 continents and have a bit of a funny accent to show for it. I drink too much coffee, love chocolate and am pretty serious about my yoga practice. This blog is for those of you who like makeup tutorials, product reviews and girly things that help get us through the day.

I created the blog because I had endless inquiries from mamas and ladies 30 plus seeking advice on what to use, how to use it and what looks are appropriate for this stage of the game.

There is so much product and advertising getting shoved down our throats and so little education.

What you’re going to find here: honest beauty tips tricks and tutorials for women 30 plus; what I recommend for self-care; and how to look good and take care of ourselves even if we only have 5 minutes to spare.

We live in an age where we are constantly busy and self care gets the back seat. This is a blog dedicated to stopping what you are doing, dropping the kids off and enjoying some mom related beauty.

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